research lab @ HAW Hamburg

autonomous systems
intelligent sensors
smart mobility concepts
machine learning
embedded programming


autonomous vehicles and research platforms

nHAWigatora miniature ship

autonomous ship for research on sensor data integration

Miniature Car

ESP32 processor based autonomous vehicle using image data from micro cam for navigation

Miniature Truck

Machine learning (ML) on a miniature truck with FPGA-based ML acceleration

Competiton Vehicle for Carolo Cup

competition vehicle for carolo cup

Miniature Car

competition vehicle for carolo cup

Miniature Car

RPi Zero W processor based autonomous vehicle using image data from micro cam for navigation

furniture mover

Lifting and moving chairs and blackboards to clean up our laboratories

Campus Bot

Human assistance robot for outdoors and indoors


Human assistance robot with 5 dof arm

Model Truck

Competition vehicle for carolo cup and algorithm development


competition vehicle for carolo cup

Conversation Bot

research platform for wireless and visual communication between bots for development of decentralized swarm algorithms

Human Assistance Robot

ROS based human assistance robot

Red Truck

Model truck for autonomous driving based on laser scanner and IF sensors


combustion motor vehicle for outdoor autonomous driving and testing of control of vehicle dynamics

Industrial Vehicle

autonomous industrial vehicle for research on algorithms, control, industrial bus systems and sensor data integration


Urban mobility of tomorrow: safe, available and climate-friendly. Pedestrian zone test area Berliner Tor

unsupervised and supervised learning, neural networks,

Development of autonomous systems of small size (scale 1:87) for testing, machine learning and multi-agent algorithms

Student Competition at TU Braunschweig on Construction of Autonomous Model Cars

Code samples in C++




Andreas Meisel

Professor of Image Processing and Machine Learning

Image Processing, Machine Learning, Signal and Control Theory


Martin Becke

Professor of Communication and Distributed Systems

communication backbone, distributed algorithms, protocol design, service orchestration


Stephan Pareigis

Professor of Applied Mathematics and Technical Computer Science

Autonomous Driving, Embedded Programming and C++, Reinforcment Learning


Tim Tiedemann

Professor of Intelligent Sensors

Intelligent Sensors, Sensor Data Processing, Applications in Autonomous Driving, Machine Learning Methods, Applications of Deep Learning



Daniel Sarnow

Staff member

Distributed systems, Scalable infrastructures, IoT/CPS, Autonomous vehicles, Embedded Programming

Enrico Christophers

Staff member

autonomous vehicles, real-time programming, mechatronic applications, 3D print and construction, hardware development